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Charco Blaze Hookah Charcoal 36pc

Charco Blaze Hookah Charcoal 36pc

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About Charco Blaze

The process of developing Charcoblaze coconut shell charcoals begins in the tropical regions of Indonesia, where the temperate climate and fertile soil provide the ideal environment in which coconut trees grow. The coconuts are picked from the trees when agriculturists determine that they are the perfect size for the purpose for which they will be used.

After they are picked from the trees, the shells of the coconut are separated from their edible parts. The shells are then sent to a manufacturing plant, where they are compressed using state of the art equipment. Upon compression, the shells are cut into cubes of equal sizes and tested for consistency. After passing a quality control inspection by qualified personnel, the charcoals are then packaged inside boxes and prepared for shipping.

Due to its unique natural makeup, coconut shell charcoals last about three times longer than the average charcoal on the market. They are not treated with any chemicals and so they do not produce excessive odors fumes that harm the environment. In fact, coconut shell charcoals are so natural, that even the trees from which they are picked are preserved in the process.


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