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Hookah Diffuser

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Pharaoh's Hookah Diffuser enhances your smoking experience by allowing the smoke to be filtered through a number of special designed cuts in the diffuser which results in an increase of bubbles, and more importantly, an increase in smoke that is cleaner than your normal hookah.

A hookah diffuser is an ingenious device designed to increase water filtration of your hookah smoke, resulting in smaller bubbles and better tasting smoke. 

The Pharaoh's diffuser features a 6 stem slotted percolator.  This new technology slices and dices the bubble more than a traditional diffuser, so you get smooth, cool puffs every time.  The Pharoah's hookah diffuser also comes with two flexible grommets sized to fit virtually any hookah down-stem. When attaching, separate the unit and find the opening with the diameter that best matches your down-stem. 

The Pharaoh's diffuser will even accommodate hookahs with an extra-large "flare" on their down-stem, like Khalil Mamoon Hookahs and Nammor Hookahs.

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