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Prestige Coco Coal Lounge Case (x12 1.5kg Packs)

  • 19900

A full case of Prestigo Coco Coals containing 12 full 1.5kg packs of coals. 1,200 pieces of 100% natural coconut charcoal in total! Eliminate the need to constantly order new coals and buy your favorite coals in bulk for a discounted price!

18 KG Total!
Simple and convenient "no mess" packaging!
Lasts over 1.5 Hrs and doesn't turn off!
Large High Heat Cubes with minimal Ash!
Hookah Lounge Preferred!
Consistent and Evenly Cut Pieces!

Like other natural coals, Prestige Coco Coals are best lit over an open flame or coil burner.

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