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Starbuzz Challenger 1.0 Hookah Stem

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This incredibly sturdy and heavy-duty American-Made Hookah measures 23” tall, and is constructed from a space-grade aluminum material, built around a surgical-grade stainless steel down stem which keeps flavors pure in-between flavor changes (after cleaning). Each joint is machine-compressed to ensure lock-tight seals and perfect finishes. The paint finish will not corrode with water, heat, and normal every-day use. Experience the future of hookah pipes which are proudly made right here on American soil.

Each Starbuzz USA Hookah comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


The Starbuzz Challenger 1.0 made in USA hookah is a heavy-duty hookah that stands at 23" tall. It is made of space-grade aluminum material and features a surgical grade stainless steel down stem which keeps the taste of the current flavor from taking over the hookah. After a fresh cleaning of the hookah, the one is to expect no left over flavor. Each Starbuzz USA hookah has a 5 year limited warranty from Starbuzz. 

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