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Prestige Zephyr Hookah Bowl Mini Wholesale

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A new product from Prestige Bubbles - The Zephyr Bowl. We love experimenting to find ways to enhance the‪ ‎hookah‬ experience with the best hookah products. Recently, our goal has been to improve the flow of smoke by designing a bowl that would maximize air-flow. Thus, the Prestige Zephyr Bowl was constructed. This bowl follows the traditional design in hookah bowls, with the added enhancement of holes inside the inner opening. In addition to its great air flow, each bowl's edges are curved out to create a lip to ensure an air tight seal with foil.

Smoke alone, or with friends? Long sessions, or short? Either way, Prestige Bubbles has you covered.
The Zephyr Bowl will come in 2 sizes for YOUR convenience.

Advanced Air-Flow
Well Developed Draw
Foil Lip
Comes in 2 Sizes
Made in USA
Every Zephyr Bowl purchased from Prestige Bubbles will come with a well fitted grommet

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