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About Us


Business plays a central role in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life all throughout the world. At Prestige Bubbles, we provide hookah enthusiasts, smoke shops, and hookah lounges with quality hookah products we manufacture and distribute. Operating diligently in both retail and wholesale, we believe in honest work and strive to improve the quality of our service in all aspects. With high value in truth, peace, integrity, and passion, we strive to promote a healthy curiosity for tranquility, wisdom, and success.


Prestige Bubbles is a family operated business dedicated to providing high grade hookahs, flavorful tobacco, quality charcoal, and a variety of useful accessories. Our mission is to provide convenience with distinguished customer service, and to consistently add value to our relationships and interactions. The company is fueled by passion for culture, self knowledge, self improvement, and the idea of thinking a better life into reality. Prestige Bubbles has made it a purpose to embed their ethical values and philosophy of life into the industry with their work.


Prestige Bubbles is here to produce, distribute, and sell the finest quality hookahs and hookah products world-wide. While promoting business practices that respect the Earth, community, and economy, Prestige Bubbles is committed to operating with strict discipline, dedication, integrity, and accountability to obtain sustainable, profitable growth. This will in return increase value for our customers, and expand opportunities for development and innovation.
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