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Hookah Etiquette

People often enjoy hookah at social gatherings with friends and acquaintances. The whole session is about sharing a good time. There are no official set of rules when smoking hookah, but there definitely are proper and well-mannered ways of enjoying your hookah session. Following the basic guidelines below will ensure positive vibes and a pleasurable experience:

  • When passing the hookah hose, always pass with the tip facing yourself. It is considered disrespectful in the Middle Eastern culture to pass the hookah with the mouth piece facing the individual you are passing to.
  • When passing the hookah hose, always use your right hand.
  • Upon receiving the hookah hose, gently tap the individuals hand that is passing the hose. This is considered a ‘thank you’.
  • Do not blow the hookah smoke in another individuals face.
  • Avoid setting the hookah on top of a table.
  • Always use your own mouth tip.
  • Never light a cigarette using hookah charcoal that is being used for the hookah.
  • When finished using the hookah, wrap the hose around the hookah to signal your completion.
  • Most importantly, don’t hog the hookah! As mentioned above, hookah is meant to be social experience. Everybody is patiently waiting.