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The hookah tradition has become increasingly popular in the United States within the last couple of years, and there’s no better time to invest in this growing trend. Prestige Bubbles has the essentials you need to get started, and the extras to help you build your dream business. Coaching and guidance is also available.

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Hookah Wholesale 

Prestige Bubbles offers wholesale hookah supplies and opportunities on all of the products displayed. We are the premier hookah wholesale supplier for high quality hookahs, hookah accessories, and quality hookah charcoal. Our professionally trained staff can help you find what you need to provide the most popular, high-end and high-demand products to your customers. We work with orders of all sizes and customize pricing opportunities based off your personal business needs. Supply your customers with the best hookah products while earning high margins on all your products. Provide your customers with an unforgettable smoking experience at your lounge, or give them the opportunity to purchase and enjoy on their own. 


Hookah Lounge Supplier

Prestige Bubbles has supplied and help start-up multiple hookah lounges all across the United States. We have a strong passion for the hookah shisha experience and love seeing hookah lounges succeeding. We thrive to be the best hookah lounge supplier. We distribute authentic Egyptian hookahs that are extremely durable and affordable. We have enough experience with hookah cafes, hookah lounges, and hookah bars to help you cut costs and save time, regardless of the size of your business. Provide your customers with an unforgettable smoking experience at your lounge, and watch the number of regulars increase! 


Hookah Distribution

Prestige Bubbles not only has their own brand of hookah products, but has close ties with other major brands in the hookah industry. We are proud of the companies we work with and fully support the products we have become authorized distributors of. All products carried come direct from the manufacturer. This gives us the opportunity to provide distributor level pricing and service to wholesalers and distributors alike. 


Hookah Catering

Prestige Bubbles offers a hookah catering service in the greater Los Angeles area for your private and public events. Bring the traditional hookah lounge experience to your guests at an incredibly affordable rate. Hookahs are a great way to liven up any party or social event. They are perfect for birthdays, weddings, engagements, and corporate events. In this generation, an authentic hookah experience is one of the greatest social activities you can provide to your guests. We provide on location a-z services and will do all the work so you can concentrate on hosting, and more importantly, having a good time at YOUR event. From the preparation of tobacco bowls and charcoal, to the delivery of service to your guests, you can count on Prestige Bubbles for any event. Our professional servers have been in business for over 5 years and know exactly how to cater to each occasion. Please contact us for more information on how to give your friends, family, and guests an ultimate middle eastern hookah experience.

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