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Setup & Care

You purchased a new hookah pipe and you're excited and eager to use it.

The next question is: How to set up a hookah?

Follow the simple steps and tips below to ensure you have the perfect hookah session.


  • Step 1.

Using the right amount of water for your shisha experience is crucial to the functionality of the pipe. Fill your vase roughly to the middle, a little more than half way full. The bottom of your stem should be 1-2 inches submerged in the water.

  • Step 2.

Attach your rubber vase garment to your hookah stem and insert your hookah stem into the vase. Your hookah stem should fit into the vase, sealing the base of the hookah.

  • Step 3.

Place your ash tray on top of your hookah stem. Your ash tray will protect any ash from falling to the floor. It can also be used to hold hot coals.

  • Step 4.

Place your rubber bowl garment on top of your hookah and insert your bowl onto it. Your bowl should fit snug onto the hookah, creating an air tight seal.

  • Step 5.

Place your rubber hose garment at the end of your hose (opposite side of the mouth piece). Insert your hose into the hookah’s hose opening. Your hose should fit snug into the hookah, creating an air tight seal.

  • Step 6.

Fill your hookah bowl with enough tobacco to reach just the top of the bowl. Break the tobacco up as you are filling your bowl to ensure the tobacco burns nice and evenly. Large lumps of tobacco often result in a dissatisfying shisha session. 

  • Step 7.

Cover the top of your bowl with heavy duty foil and poke even holes across the surface. The size of the holes should be as small as can be. Common instruments used are needles and toothpicks.

  • Step 8.

Place your charcoal onto a coil burner or above an open flame. Once the charcoal is fully lit and glowing red, they are ready for use. Place the charcoal on top of your bowl, inhale through the hose, and enjoy. Prestige Bubbles always recommends natural charcoal over instant light coals.