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What is Hookah?

So what exactly is hookah? You may be aware that people traditionally smoke tobacco with the aid of pipes and cigars. However, tobacco pipes can refer to much more than the traditional Sherlock-Holmes pipe! A hookah is a waterpipe (which is another common name for it), that filters vaporized tobacco smoke through water before being inhaled by the user. As it's becoming more and more popular on a global level, there's a lot of misinformation circling around this centuries-old method of smoking. We've decided to address these questions that people may have so that any misconceptions or inquiries are solved! Here are some common facts about smoking.

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Is Hookah Bad for You?

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in regards to hookah. The answer quite depends on what you are smoking. There are many variants of hookah tobacco (also known as shisha tobacco), some containing more harmful substances than others. There are even steam stones that can be smoked which contain no tobacco at all, which some say are healthier. The effects of smoking are being researched every day; however what makes hookah a safer alternative than most methods of smoking is that the smoke becomes filtered through water before inhalation, which allows for certain toxic byproducts to remain in the water, as opposed to entering your lungs. People often wonder: "is hookah worse than cigarettes"?, and comparing the effects of smoking cigarettes to the effects of smoking hookah, you'll find that the water filtration and the burning process is one of the main reasons as to why hookah is considered to be safer.


Does Hookah Have Nicotine?

Hookah tobacco / shisha tobacco naturally contains nicotine, which is found in all tobacco products. Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance which resides in the tobacco plant.

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Does Hookah Get You High?

Hookah does not get you high as it only contains tobacco. There are no psychedelic substances in shisha tobacco. However some people may experience a very short-lived "buzz" or light-headedness if they are not used to nicotine. This feeling usually subsides within seconds to a few minutes of feeling it. 


Where Can You Smoke Hookah?

The most obvious place to go to for an evening of hookah is to go to a hookah lounge. These establishments offer ready-made hookahs for your enjoyment, and often times food and drinks as well. If you're interested in smoking in the comfort of your own home, you can always look into hookah pipes for sale and buy a shisha pipe.

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Where Can You Buy Hookah Pipes?

Look no further than our very own online smoke shop here at! We carry classic hand-made Egyptian hookah pipes for your pleasure, as well as accessories and various hookah parts. You may also want to look up your local smoke shop online to see what they have to offer if you are more inclined to purchasing in-store.


Are There Other Types of Hookah?

The hookah is a traditional apparatus of smoking that has existed since the 1500s and has remained largely unchanged since then. While it's constantly being improved on through innovations of companies such as our own (see our new and improved Zephyr Bowls in the Catalog!), there haven't been too many different "types" of hookah. The most prominent offshoot of this sort that has gained recent popularity is the vaporizer which is often shaped as a pen. These vaporizers uses oils which are heated up with the aid of a battery and are a quick and portable alternative to traditional hookahs today. The "hookah vaporizer pen" is similar to the hookah in a sense that it vaporizes flavored liquids for smoking pleasure.

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