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Customer Testimonials

 "Great review about the company, I just purchased some stuff from them. The vendor is one of the nicest vendors I have spoke to about hookah".

-Jesse D

"This Vendor is awesome! I usually email them for orders, but they always listen and give great advice about good shisha to try. Always throws in extra 50g packs of shisha and if you want a flavor they don't have they will go out of their way to get it! Always very kind, great prices, fast shipping, can't recommend them enough! Al Fakher is one of my favorite brands and they have it for so cheap. Only once has my order had a mistake, they fixed it immediately for free and even upgraded the shipping!" - Tom M

 “My name is Kyle I have been a customer of Prestige Bubbles for over a year and half now and have been nothing but satisfied in the time we have worked together as a buyer and seller. For all who are interested in hookah (shisha) products this is the best place to purchase all your hookah needs. Prestige Bubbles carries the best products at the best price and gets it to you fast and efficient. The best part other than the great products is the customer service. They don’t just give you a hard time in deciding; they work with you to get what you want on a budget that you like to work with. I’ve been a customer for over a year and half and will continue to be thanks to the fine products and services provided here at Prestige Bubbles” – Kyle C.


“My #1 pick for hookah products! You guys are awesome and define excellent customer service!!!! I’ll definitely be buying more products from you guys, thank you once again!” – Hakop K.


“I have purchased from Prestige Bubbles many times. It’s always a fantastic experience!! From shisha to hookas to coals I am always given advice and knowledge on which flavors are best and what coals provide for the best hookah sessions. Between the great prices, always fast shipping, and the most friendly customer service I would recommend Prestige Bubbles to anyone. Some of the best and most intimate smoke sessions with my friends have come from their products! It’s always a pleasure, and I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come.” – Tom 


“Extremely fast shipping great customer service. Awesome buying experience” – Nathan O.

“Professional and reliable.. always there when you need them! Prestige Bubbles goes out of their way to find you what you need and does what it takes to keep his customers happy. Thank you!” – Bobby ‘The Spot Restaurant’


“Fast shipping!! Very helpful on tips!!! Thanks!!” - Mel P.


“Prestige bubbles shop gotta very good customer service,delivered all my stuff on time,international shipping is super fast,reasonable vendor out in the market..Way to gooo prestige bubbles.” – Kevin A.


“Very rare do you find a great supplier with the customer service to match. Hands down one of the best and leaving his trademark on quality and professionalism. Can handle any type of orders, big or small and amazing prices. Would recommend to anyone interesting in buying.” – Abraham N. ‘Sacred Smoke’


“You are crazy to buy from anyone else! Prime customer service!” - Monty N.X