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Prestige Coco Hookah Coals Cubes 1 kg - 72 pcs

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Looking for a convenient and sustainable option for your hookah coals? Look no further than the Prestige Coco Coals Cubes. Made from 100% natural coconut shells, our coals are a responsible choice that still delivers top-performing results.

Each cube is precisely cut to the perfect size for your hookah, making it easy to grab and go. And with 72 pieces in each box, you'll have plenty to last you through multiple smoking sessions. Plus, with a low ash content and quick, even heating, you can enjoy a clean and hassle-free session every time.

But convenience and performance aren't the only benefits of our coco coals. They're also long-lasting, with a burn time of up to 2 hours. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that you won't have to constantly replace your coals.

In short, the Prestige Coco Coals Cubes offers everything you could want in a hookah coal. Convenience, sustainability, and top-performing results - all in one package. Trust us - once you try our coco coals, you'll never want to go back.



* Like all natural coals, Prestige Coco Coals are best lit over an open flame or coil burner.

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