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Hookahs For Sale Man to Online Hookah Store and Wholesale Hookah Distributors

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The story of how Prestige Bubbles came about. 

In the winter of 2011, Edmond, CEO of Prestige Bubbles, turned the pages of life onto the beginning of a new and exciting chapter; he had just moved out to live on his own. Edmond started the new year of 2012 in his very own studio apartment. Although the sudden change in responsibilities sometimes had him overwhelmed, he truly believed he had mentally prepared himself for success. Having a diverse list a goals, he made it easy to adapt to change. Various new objectives and experiences kept his mind busy and focused on creating the life he wanted to live.

Edmond had a simple plan that he would apply diligently and patiently. He was going to make allies with change.

(Alan Watts – Philosopher, writer, and speaker)

Constantly trying new things, and picking up new hobbies, Edmond familiarized himself with the process of learning. He had developed an alternative way of thinking and a new set of positive pastime activities; a few were cooking, stretching, reading, writing, meditating, and swimming. 

The soon to be owner of a hookah suppliers and hookah wholesalers company, Edmond, not realizing it at the time, had taken steps into completely changing the course of his life. His aim was to completely change the way he operated. For instance, he started to use his less dominant (left) hand more often. Instead of brushing his teeth and using the computer mouse how he normally would, with his right hand, he changed to his left.  He even went as far as trading in his automatic transmission vehicle to a manual, just for the sake of learning. 

While having a secure position at a start-up company, the support of loved ones, and a new found way of life, he still often found himself felling unfulfilled. It wasn't until the morning after he had experienced a conversation that would again alter his life's path. 

Even though Edmond had a great job, he was barely making enough money to pay for the cost of living alone in Los Angeles. However, by equipping himself with confidence and reminding himself of all he had recently accomplished, he defeated the fear of stability, and did what he'd done all his life - He found ways to create opportunities. 

(Bruce Lee – Martial Artist, Instructor, Film maker, Actor, and Philosopher)

Edmond had already been purchasing and selling hookahs on a very low margin to his friends and coworkers; but he didn't really have a hookah business just yet. It was the morning after an eventful conversation when the idea sparked in his thoughts. Edmond was going to create his own hookah suppliers company.

It wasn't until Edmond came across the Khalil Mamoon Hookah brand that he discovered what everyone was missing out on. By genuinely offering his advice and time to help others have the best hookah experience, he quickly built a reputation for being the "hookahs for sale" friend. He was serving individuals from 'Hookah for Sale' ads on Craigslist to an online hookah supplier store on eBay and Amazon. Edmond had his goals set on carrying the best hookah flavors, best hookah coals, and best hookah accessories.

After profiting from the Khalil Mamoon Hookah, he began to expand to the hookah flavors, hookah coals and hookah accessories. With countless hours of hard work, focus, and well-intended determination, Edmond was getting closer to accomplishing his goal of building his online hookah store and earning a position in the wholesale hookah distributors community. 

(Prestige Coco Coals and Khalil Mamoon Hookah)

Now, Prestige Bubbles Inc. has their own hookah brand, of what many consider to be, the best hookah coals and hookah accessories on the market. His dream of running his own business was fulfilled when he started supplying the Khalil Mamoon hookah, the best hookah flavors, hookah molasses, and the best hookah charcoal.

(Mike – Creator of Hookah Enthusiasts Community (left) and Edmond (right))

A message from Edmond:

"Everything that is done with Prestige Bubbles is fueled by an intense passion for culture, self-knowledge, self-improvement, and the idea of thinking a better life into reality. With high value in truth, passion, and integrity, the company strives to promote a healthy curiosity for tranquility, wisdom, and success.

Business plays a central role in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life all throughout the world. Hoping to inspire others with our efforts, we actively involve ourselves in, and continuously research, the hookah industry.

Prestige Bubbles is an online hookah wholesalers brand who provides hookah enthusiasts, smoke shops, and hookah lounges with quality hookah products we manufacture and distribute. It is the company's mission to provide convenience with distinguished customer service, and to consistently add value to their relationships and interactions.

(Prestige Zephyr Bowl - New Hookah Bowl Accessory)

In recent news, we have been doing what we always do, experimenting to find ways to enhance the hookah experience. Recently, our goal has been to improve the flow of smoke by designing what we hope to be the best hookah bowl to maximize air-flow.

Thus, the Prestige Zephyr Bowl was constructed. Stay tuned for more information on the new hookah accessories and how you can win your very own Zephyr Bowl for free.

In conclusion to this message, I want to state that it’s my life goal to be proof that we are all limitless individuals, with potential greater than we can ever imagine. If you want to do something, JUST DO IT! "Plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance!"

I believe in you, and you should too.

Aspire to have wisdom and live a good life. It costs nothing to view our website or to connect with us. Check us out!"


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