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Best Hookah Coals 2022

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Once upon a time, there was a hookah enthusiast named Samir who lived in an ordinary world of ordinary smoking sessions with his ordinary friends using the same brand of coals for years.


One day, as he was getting ready for a smoking session with his friends, he realized that the coals he had were not lighting properly and were not burning evenly.


Devastated, Samir frantically threw another batch on there.




He tore open a fresh new box and added more coals to the burner.


Time went on...


And again...




Everyone looked to Samir as he turned red with embarrassment.


It was at that moment Samir vowed to find a better coal.


"This will never happen again."


At first, Samir refused the call, thinking that he could fix the problem with his usual coals.


He purchased a new batch from a different store.


He ordered online from different states.


But still, the problems continues.


As he struggled to light the coals fully and completely to have a decent smoking session, he realized that he needed a change.


It was then that he met, whom he called "The Hookah Wizard", who suggested that he try a different brand of coals, the Prestige Coco Coals.


Despite his initial skepticism, Samir decided to give them a try, crossing the threshold and embarking on his journey into the unknown.


He decided on Cubes, and as he used them, Samir faced many internal tests and challenges.


"Will this coal light up and stay lit?"


"Will it turn off mid-session?"


"Will it crack or break?"


"Will I be embarrassed again in front of everyone?"


He had to learn how to get out of his own way and give the new coals a fair chance.


At that point, he had also gained the curiosity of his friends who were impressed by the claims on the performance of the Prestige Coco Coals.


As he approached the inmost cave, the moment of truth where he would find out if the Prestige Coco Coals were the solution to his problem, he lit them and immediately knew it was the right choice.


The coals lit quickly and evenly, and the sweet aroma of the flavored tobacco filled the air.


They stayed lit the entire time, and never cracked or turned off once. 


The smoke was smooth, and the flavor was rich.


His ordeal was over, and he was rewarded with the perfect smoking experience.


He had found a coal that was reliable, convenient, and sustainable.


Samir began his road back to his ordinary world, with the intention of sharing the elixir of Prestige Coco Coals with others.


He faced one final challenge, the resurrection, when one of his friends who was not convinced by his recommendation, asked him to prove the quality of the coals.


Samir lit the coals and his friend was amazed by the performance.


With the elixir in hand, Samir world was now extraordinary as he shared the solution with everyone he knew, ensuring that they too could enjoy a clean and hassle-free smoking session.


And every time he lit up the hookah with his friends, they would always remember the time when Samir's coals wouldn't light, and how he found the solution with Prestige Coco Coals.


He became known as the "Hookah Saviour" among his friends and the community.


He had gained not only a new coal brand but also the respect of his peers.


And so, he continued to enjoy the sweet aroma of his favorite flavored tobacco with his friends, without any interruptions, thanks to the reliability and convenience of Prestige Coco Coals.

best hookah coals 2022

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