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The Best Hookah Coals for Thick Smoke: A Review

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As I sat with my friends at our favorite hookah lounge, I was disappointed by the thin smoke emanating from the bowl.

But I knew just what to do to fix the problem – I asked for some extra coals and added natural coconut coals to the bowl.

The result was a thick and flavorful smoke that made for a truly enjoyable evening with my friends.

If you enjoy hookah, you already know that the thick, flavorful smoke is one of the best parts of the experience.

However, producing thick smoke is not always simple; it requires the right combination of factors, such as the type of coal used and how you manage your heat.

Have you ever wondered how to get thick, flavorful smoke from your hookah?

It all starts with understanding how smoke is produced in the first place.

When you take a drag on the hose, the smoke is pulled through the water in the base of the hookah and into your lungs.

The tobacco (also known as shisha) is heated up in the bowl with the coals, which causes it to release vapor.

The more heat you apply, the more vapor is released, which in turn creates thicker smoke.

So if you want a thick smoke session, it's all about turning up the heat!

So, if you want to produce thick smoke, you need to increase the heat applied to the tobacco.

However, it's worth noting that increasing the heat also burns the tobacco faster, so you'll smoke through your bowl quicker.

So, which hookah coals produce the thickest smoke?

When selecting the ideal coals for thick smoke, there are a number of things to take into account, including heat-up time, burn time, and flavor.

Coals that light up quickly are a simple and practical option because they can be used right away.

However, they might need to be continually relit and may take longer to attain the proper heat for heavy smoke.

They are also coated in a chemical accelerant that may change the flavor of the smoke and are created from compressed sawdust and other materials.

Natural coconut coals, which are constructed entirely of coconut shells, are a more natural alternative.

They require more time to light than quick-lighting coals, but once lighted, they usually burn longer and produce more even heat.

Coconut coals are renowned for their short heat-up times as they do so more quickly than quick-lighting coals to achieve the temperature needed for thick smoke.

They offer a clean and natural flavor, which makes them a fantastic option for people who wish to experience smoking more realistically.

Bamboo coals are another natural option, made from compressed bamboo sawdust.

They have a longer burn time than quick-light coals and provide a clean, natural flavor.

However, they can be harder to find and may not be as widely available as coconut coals.

Bamboo coals have a similar heat-up time to coconut coals, reaching the ideal heat for thick smoke in a reasonable amount of time, but tend to produce more ash.

The best hookah coals for thick smoke should be chosen with your tastes and demands in mind.

If you want something more practical, quick-lighting coals would be a better choice.

If you prefer a flavor that is more natural and pure or if you want a coal that burns for a longer period of time, natural coconut or bamboo coals can be a better choice.

Prestige Coco Coals are suggested for individuals seeking a long burn time, effective heat, and a natural and pure flavor.

Our coals are made by hand in small batches using conventional techniques and 100% coconut shells.

They are a great option for any hookah fan seeking heavy smoke because of their quick heat-up time, lengthy burn time, and low ash content.

Furthermore, you can be confident that your smoking experience will be genuine and delightful because to their natural coconut flavor.

In conclusion, the best hookah coals for thick smoke will be determined by your personal needs and preferences.

Consider experimenting with various types of coals to find the one that works best for you and your smoking sessions.

And, consider Prestige Coco Coals if you want a natural and pure flavor, efficient heat, and a long burn time.

We believe they are an excellent option for any hookah enthusiast seeking thick smoke.

Best Hookah Coals for Thick Smoke

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