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Hookah Coal Burner Types

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The final stage of setting up a hookah; the time to light your hookah coals is nigh. You may wonder what the most effective and efficient method is for lighting your coals. Wonder no more as we have reviewed the most common methods and products below!

First and foremost you should evaluate the type of charcoal you are using.

Quick-light Coals

If you are using quick-light hookah coals, you will find that any source of fire will ignite it almost instantaneously. A simple lighter will do the trick, simply hold the coal with a pair of tongs and hold the lighter underneath until the coal has begun sparking. Even regular matches will work for this process. If you find yourself at home but without any lighters or matches, you can always use the stove top (any type works, not just gas tops!).

Natural Coals (Coconut / Wood / etc)

When using natural coals you will find that you need a stronger heat source than a simple lighter. The most common methods are to heat the coals with either a coil burner or stove top. A stove top is convenient as it is readily available in homes, but the disadvantage is the inconvenient clean-up of the stove top afterwards as the coals will inevitably ash. With a coil burner you'll have a much easier time cleaning up, and you'll be able to ignite the coals practically anywhere you want, as opposed to being forced to use the kitchen.

Recommended Burners

We've listed three of our favorite types of burners for natural coals below:

Single Electric Coil Burner 

hookah coal coil burner

This particular burner is a great choice and highly economical. It's a basic coil burner that is extremely easy to clean and use. It heats up instantly to your choice of adjustable temperatures and fits all types of coals, from finger coals to cubes. Great for all hookah smokers from casual users to hookah enthusiasts.


Pharaoh's Electric Charcoal Burner

pharoah's hookah coal burner

This electric coal burner is one of our favorites due to its versatility. It comes with a built in charcoal tray, and the detachable handle to the burner substitutes as a pair of hookah tongs! The top tray can also be used as a boiler for tea or coffee making. This is all in addition to its quick speed of lighting the coals. You can expect to have your coals ready within 3 minutes with this burner.

Hookahtec Blazn Burner

infrared hookah coal burner

Finally we have the magnificent Blazn Burner from Hookahtec. What sets this one apart from other burners is the use of infrared light to heat the coals. This method heats the coals up to 40% faster and 60% more efficiently in comparison to traditional coal burners. Combining sleek style with blazing speeds, this burner is definitely at the top of our recommended burner list.

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