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How To Clean a Hookah Hose

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One of the most iconic parts of a hookah is the hookah hose. In this post we will discuss how to clean a hookah hose.

Step 1:

Make sure you have a washable hookah hose. You do not want to damage your hose by adding water to it if it cannot tolerate it! Generally a rubber hookah hose or a silicone hookah hose will be safe to wash.

Step 2:

Keep the ends pointing upwards and fill the hose with water amounting to about half the length of your hose. You may also add lemon juice to eliminate any unwanted odors and freshen the aroma of your hookah hose.

Step 3:

While keeping the ends pointing upwards, plug the openings with your thumbs and raise one end up while lowering the other. This lets the water swirl through the hose to clean it. Alternate going up and down to ensure that every part of the hose is being washed.

Rinsing the hoseRinsing the hose

Repeat this process for a few minutes.

Step 4:

Dump the water from the hose into a sink and observe the color. Is it murky? If so, you will want to repeat steps 2 and 3 until you begin dumping clear water from the hose and you deem the hose to be fully clean.

Step 5:

After the hose has been cleaned, you will want to dry your hookah hose. The fastest method to dry the hookah hose is simply to grab one ending and flail the other ending around in a fast circular motion. Make sure you have plenty of room before attempting this as you don't want to knock anything over! Repeat this process on both ends.

How to dry a hose

You can also dry the hose by hanging it from its middle and letting the water slowly drip out from both endings. This process can take hours, but if you are not immediately using the hose after the cleaning it could be the preferred method as it takes no effort.


There you have it. Cleaning a hookah hose is a simple process that should be done every few weeks (depending on how often you use it of course). If you own a two hose hookah, 3 hose hookah, or even an 8 hose hookah (God help you), you are in for a serious cleaning session. If you don't feel like doing any work, you can always get yourself a disposable hookah hose.  


Enjoy your next bowl without old flavors staining the experience from your dirty hose!


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