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How To Properly Heat Your Natural Hookah Coals

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In this guide we show how to properly start natural coconut coals for a hookah. Whether you've made the wise transition from easy-lites, or if you're a hookah veteran, follow these simple steps and you'll be sure to have a long-lasting hookah session without any aftertastes.


Step 1:

Pick your favorite brand of natural coals. We use Prestige Coco Coals, one of the longest lasting cube charcoal coals on the market, which are odorless and leave no taste.

Prestige Coco Coals


Step 2:

Place 3 coals (amounts may vary, most hookah bowls fit 3 coals, however you may use less for smaller bowl sizes) on a coil burner or stove top and turn it on to MAX.

Heating natural coconut coals


Step 3:

As the coals heat up they begin to form a thin layer of ash as seen by the grey tint. When slightly more than half of the coal has heated up, flip the coal over to heat the remaining black side.

Heating Prestige Coco Coals


Step 4:

Once the entire piece of coal has begun smoldering and formed a thin layer of ash everywhere it's ready to go! There shouldn't be any visible black on the outer layer (there may be a thin "grilled" black line from where the coal sat on the burner, but don't worry about that.)

Heated coconut coals


Step 5:

Heat your hookah bowl with your freshly cooked coals and enjoy the rest of your hookah session!



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